COVID-19 Vaccine
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COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Phase 1B Vaccine Now Available


Westwood Medical Centre is pleased to advise that we have been approved as a preferred provider to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine phase 1B from Monday 22 March.


We are only allocated a limited volume of vaccines on a weekly basis, so please be patient with us and ensure that you are respectful to our staff when making a booking.



Who can currently be vaccinated?


Anyone within the Phase 1A or Phase 1B population can make an appointment to receive the vaccine.


The practice is required to perform an eligibility check for every patient prior to booking.


View Eligibility Criteria


Phase 1B priority population groups include:


  • People 70 years of age or older;
  • Healthcare workers;
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults over 55 years; and
  • Younger people with an underlying medical condition, including people with a disability.


Westwood Medical Centre invites both new and existing patients that meet the current eligibility criteria to make a booking.


Check my Eligibility for the Covid-19 Vaccine



Proof Requirements


Before calling us to make a booking, please check your eligibility for the vaccine using the link provided above and ensure you have the appropriate proof in the table below.


Healthcare, Critical & High-Risk Workers Proof of occupation (ID card, letter from employer) or Phase 1B Declaration Form
People over 70 years of age All standard forms of identification (driver’s licence, passport)
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders over 55 Self-identification as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
People over 18 with an underlying medical condition, including disability Medical records (for example, a clinical record, MyHealth record, printout of chronic disease care plan), a referral from a GP or treating specialist
Carers and disability workers Carers’ documentation or proof of occupation (ID card or letter from employer/centre-based support provider)


You do not need to provide proof to us for the second vaccination, but you will need to provide consent again.


If you do not have proof of your occupation or underlying medical condition, you must complete a Phase 1B Declaration Form.


Download Phase 1B Declaration Form


Please note, people who are not eligible for Medicare can still receive a free COVID-19 vaccination provided they meet the current eligibility criteria, however you will need to visit one of the GP-led Respiratory Clinics or State or Commonwealth Vaccination Clinics.



How to make a booking


To make a booking for your Covid-19 vaccination, please call us on 8300 7200 or book online using the Vaccine Eligibility Checker and select Westwood Medical Centre.


Book Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment Online



More Information


Australian Government Vaccine Information


SA Health Covid-19 Vaccine FAQs


National Coronavirus and Covid-19 Vaccine Helpline 1800 020 080